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Exploring Taiwan

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Tuesday-Sunday: 9:30 am-5 pm
日曆圖案 2021/02/27 09:30 ~ 2026/12/31 17:00

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The permanent exhibition of Exploring Taiwan is about "Stories of Taiwan". It comprises to two exhibition halls, entitled "Culture" and "Nature". Each has selected the important culture assets, passed down generation to generation in Taiwan, from the museum collection over the past century. They jointly present the cultural and natural appearances, which are authentic splendid abundant, of each place.



Nature of Taiwan

“Nature of Taiwan” showcases the life and environment of Taiwan, describing the past, present, and even future life forms of the place, and the phenomena of the interconnectedness of life in nature and the complex outcomes of disturbances within it. In addition to displaying a variety of natural objects, the exhibition hall opens its windows to capture the scenes outside, thus highlighting both Taiwan's natural environment and its human interaction. Here is a full and authentic picture of the “Nature of Taiwan”.


“Nature of Taiwan”unfolds through four themes:

1st “Ancient Traces”:Through mineral and fossil specimens and simulated animation, “Ancient Traces” depicts the state of Taiwan in ancient times. Its timeline takes us back through the history of the island of Taiwan.

2nd “Island Topography”:Video browsing and multimedia interaction reveal the geographical features and environmental conditions of Taiwan, as well as the various topographies and landforms that appear in the three-dimensional space of this young island.

3rd “Ecological Features”:Through the re-display of older collections and exhibits, laced with newly collected specimens and models of animals and plants made by current museum staff, the biodiversity and ecological implications of this land are jointly interpreted.

4th “Sustainable Change”:Arranged like a boutique showroom, this section organizes and presents the life-sustaining resources given to humans by the land, triggering a resonance among viewers. It incorporates the evolution of resource use and its impact on the environment, proposing environmental issues that must be reflected upon.


People of Taiwan

“People of Taiwan” is the theme of the cultural section of the National Taiwan Museum's permanent exhibition in 2021- Exploring Taiwan. It is intended to emphasize the true protagonist of this exhibition: all the peoples who have lived in Taiwan from ancient times to the present, and what they have left behind in their respective times and spaces. Specifically, this section of the exhibition presents a story of Taiwan and her people through the NTM’s century-old cultural and historical collections.


The story of “People of Taiwan” unfolds through four themes.:

1st “Imprints of Time”: As warp and weft, time and artifacts play the roles of warp and weft, weaving a tapestry of the stories of artifacts at different times, outlining a narrative of the people of Taiwan through the museum collection.

2nd “What Constitutes Home”:Instead of showing the “home” of Taiwanese people in individual collections, certain aspects of Taiwan’s diverse family forms are rendered through the works of two artists, Sakuliu and Chin-pao Chen.

3rd “The third is “Spiritual World”:Here, a dimension of Taiwan’s world of the sacred is presented both through the beliefs in the supernatural world of indigenous people and Han Chinese, and through their continuing relationship with the mundane material world.

4th “Encounters and Becoming”:This section is a reminder that the people of Taiwan are the result of long-term encounters, mutual influences, and interactions between peoples from different origins in history.





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