2021 Trans-Disciplinary Arts Development Project: ‘Æthereal’ Exhibition
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2021 Trans-Disciplinary Arts Development Project: ‘Æthereal’ Exhibition

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日曆圖案 2021/04/17 09:00 ~ 2021/07/11 18:00

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"Æthereal" Exhibition

Artists : Mark CHUNG, KO Sin Tung, Remy SIU, Kivanç TATAR

Curators: Arts Collective(CHONG Chin-Yin, André CHAN)

Time: 4/17/2021-07/17/2021

Location: At Gallery 203-205, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts


Technological advancement are propelled by a string of breakthroughs and innovations. Early adapters start using new technologies and propagate the new idea onto the mass. The novel niche slowly comes into the mainstream and eventually grow into the new gold standard. Driven by the market, this cycle of adaptation has become shorter and shorter in our contemporary society. At the same time, researcher are given larger incentives to push forward new innovation; some might even set their goals specifically to overturn the standard. We therefore never have enough time to evaluate the repercussions and affects that these new technology and system brought to the world. We put the trust into these new structures, believing them being well-designed and bearing the responsibility to protect humans. As a result, our lives got consumed by technology to the point that these systems permeate the future of our well-being, politics, economy and ecology, while those systems are destined to be disruptive and revolutionary. When technologists boast that their next technologies can solve all the problems, we have already internalized different technologies into our lives. At the end, we are living in the matrix of our own creation, permanently stuck right at the middle between the cause and effect.

‘Æthereal’is the space that wraps around our living earth, right outside the secular world. It is vast yet imperceptible to human. The world we live in is made up of different systems that have these qualities.‘Systems’are groups that made out of individuals that accomplishing works or tasks, which is unfeasible by any single individual, collectively by adhering to the same certain rules. It can be found in natural or made by human. The aforementioned technologies and structures are just one of these systems. Whether we accept it wholeheartedly or having reservations, they surround our daily lives; one can neither see them, hear them nor touch them. Through their practices, the three artists in the exhibition reveal the imperceptible systems around us that have great impact on the human psyche and its development.

Ko Sin Tung focuses her work on the city life around her and explore the‘affects of situations.’The works in this exhibition shows the doubt that she casts over the relationship between technology and modern lives. In The World of Yesterday, the different format for television displays are demonstrated in the same frame. Compares to the lower resolution blue and red image, the soon-to-be normal high resolution image shows the world in a better colour. This lays the foundation and background for the discussion ahead in the exhibition: how new product changes the image and its production. While pieces of software and hardware alter the world in one way, it comes back to change our aesthetics too. Every Unit imagines the possibilities of decorating a house but looking through a house with only a concrete shell. For a Wider View and Adaptation explore the difference between the expectation and reality in the development of industrialization and civilization. The gaze and imagination of an unfinished state, following the idea of beauty á la mode and shifts in technology, become and calcify into our desire to search for an analogue of the reality. We blend ourselves into the surrounding environment in order to be able to adapt and co-exist.For

For Mark Chung, spaces are his unit of creativity. Within these spaces, he utilizes different antagonistic materials to let the audience experience the physical metaphors he creates. The three works in the exhibition made up the core of his solo exhibition: "Wheezing" in September 2020.  The work Wheezing alters the air pressure in the room by pumping air from the main exhibition room into a sealed room, the pressure difference between the two rooms will create a low wheezing sound. Be Fuddled  is his attempt to capture the laser light show on both side of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour that take place every day. During the time of civil unrest and COVID epidemic, what are these lights celebrating and who are these lights for, we will never know. It is sickening to see this daily performance that occurs at this suffocating moment. The artist often utilizes moving image to observe and record phenomenon in the city. The well calculated engineering work and installation turn his concept into a structure that can be physically experienced by the audience. The analogous system accentuates the essence of the system and its absurdity.

Remy Siu combines new music and computer programming. His practice is similar to hacker in that between creation, provocation and conflicts, he finds and exposes flaws in established systems. Gestalt Generation No.1 consists of two closely placed robotic arms inside a computer simulation. Using AI, the two robotic arms learn to coexist within a tight enclosure. The work aims to put the process of reinforced learning in a time frame where the audience can comprehend. Throughout the exhibition, the two robotic arms independently explore, with trial and error, and form a sort of dance performance. The Audience will witness the birth of an artificial intelligent. New Notation - for [Multi]Players is commissioned for the Gaudeamus Award to explore music composition and performance outside of paper score, western notation and traditional instruments. The premier performance saw the performers of western instruments using game controllers to control the ‘instruments’ that the composer ‘composed’ inside the computer space. The artist exposes the true nature of systems through computing languages and suggests breaking the barrier of systems by games. As a result, the internalized system has a way to express itself through an interactive process.

Æthereal is also a mode and a concept that is based on an unrealistic longing. Technology is rooted in human imagination and the instinct to explore the unknown. Is the reality aligned to what the society told us and where we are going from here? From the get go, our changes are not necessarily voluntary, or it is our instinct to adapt to the system. We attempt to walk on a fine line between the controller and the controlled.


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