“Home & House” – Cultural Accessibility Exploration Area for All
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“Home & House” – Cultural Accessibility Exploration Area for All

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“Home & House” – Cultural Accessibility Exploration Area for All
日曆圖案 2019/08/24 09: ~ 2020/02/16 17:
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“Home & House” is a featured exhibition area for full public access to culture – inheriting the audio description with tactile installation for the permanent exhibition area at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts since 2017 – with a themed focus on the interpretation of “house/architecture” using the museum’s art collection to fulfill the concept of the “Home & House.”

The home is a smallest social unit in the traditional Taiwanese society. A household is therefore a practical realization of the concept of a family. It defines the boundaries of a family and interweaves two types of relationships: people with deities or ancestors and with other family members. In other words, traditional housing is both a home for residence and a place for ceremonies. This exhibition features a variety of media and art techniques, including oil painting, gouache, ink painting, print, watercolor and photography, video and composite material installation. It is hoped that the visually impaired and all visitors will be able to touch and feel the assistive peripherals to observe the subject of “house/architecture.” From there, they could gain deeper insights into the rich performance of Taiwanese art in terms of realism and avant-garde, the new expressions in painting, and the applications of new materials. We can bear witness to the artists’ multiple interpretations and discussions on the concept of “Home & House” from various time periods in the side-by-side exhibition of similar materials being used.

Chu Wei-bor

Chiang Shih-shien

Ho Chao-chu

Li Che-fan

Lee Shi-chi

ideo Murakami(Wura)

Lin Chih-chu

Lin Yu-shan

Michael Ming-hong Lin

Lin Ching-yun

Wu Hao

Wu Hsueh-jang

Hung Rui-lin

Ni Tsai-chin

Shiy De-jinn

Hsia Yang

Yao Ruei-chung

Hsu Chen-chou

Hsu Yuan-fu

Chang Wan-chuan

Chang Yi-shiung

Chang Chi-hua

Chang Yung-tsuen

Chen Chin

Chen Cheng-po

Chen Chi-kuan

Chen Hui-kun

Chen Ying-de

Chen Shun-chu

Chen Hui-Chiao

Huang Yung-sung

Liao Shiou-ping

Jeng Tsai-tung

Cheng Shih-fan

Yang San-lang

Yang Chi-tong

Tsai Cao-ju

Tsai In-tong

Yan Shuei-long

Hsieh Hsiao-de

Gu Bing-shing


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