‘Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: Making Places in Yilan’
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‘Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: Making Places in Yilan’

Session Information

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‘Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: Making Places in Yilan’
日曆圖案 2018/05/24 10:00 ~ 2018/11/25 18:00
googleMap連結 Princoni Palace 

Event Details

This year marks Taiwan’s 10th participation in the Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition since our first involvement in the year 2000. This year’s Taiwan Exhibition, titled Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: Making Places in Yilan, is proposed by the Alliance for Architectural Modernity – Taiwan and curated by Prof. WANG Chun-Hsiung, which responds to the 2018 International Architecture Exhibition’s overarching theme, Freespace. Titled by this year’s chief curators, Irish women architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara, Freespace focuses on architecture’s ability to spark and share intimate dialogues between people and places and to form interactive relationship with different natural elements.


This year’s contributing team, HUANG Sheng-Yuan and the Fieldoffice Architects, use making places asserts that the value of architecture lies in the intimate dialogs between a place and its users, as well as in the connections it establishes between manmade and natural elements. This view reflects exactly what the Fieldoffice Architects has been doing in Yilan―constructing places that bring in people, animals, plants, water, wind and light. To respond to the emphasises of the Freespace, Living with Sky, Water and Mountain: Making Places in Yilan attempts to create places where people can easily relate themselves to all the natural constituents.


The silky connection between human and place

Places are the result of the interactions between people and their living environment. Making places is more than building a physical space, but also establishing linkage between people and people as well as people and environment. Fieldoffice’s Yilan experiences remind us about an important, yet often neglected dimension, which is how to create a better living place. Fieldoffice considers itself as a combination of residents and professionals; they are in charge of envisioning, initiating, programming, negotiating, and coordinating of these place-making projects. These projects are materialized dreams through their tireless persuasion. Fieldoffice did not only introduce new urban activities, but also intensified current ones.


Merging and Renewal City

Fieldoffice try to merge the edges and boundaries of the designed projects are impossible to identify. As the Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik (1872-1957) used recycled materials and architectural fragments. This is urban patch-work and renovation based on a subtle understanding of historical and experiential meanings of architecture. Therefore, Fieldoffice’s ‘countryside urbanism’ will be exhibited in three parts:

  1. Condensing social memories: interventions via time
  2. Setting a datum: canopy as the new reference line;
  3. Returning to the land: continuum in suspension of time.


Seeking for the essence of freedom and free-minded

In today’s Consumerist world, the autonomy of architecture is threatened by two opposite forces: total functionalization and total aestheticisation. The first force turns architecture into utilitarian, rationalized and functionalized problem solving, the second makes architecture a fabrication of shallow visual attractions. In a sound and sane culture, architecture is to reinforce our sense of the real, the poetics of reality itself, and consequently, to give us our existential foothold in space, time and the continuum of culture. Not only expands the realm of the new, but also reinforcing the presence of not only the Taiwanese traditions, but the timeless qualities of building at large.


Supervisor: Ministry of Culture, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Organizer: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan


Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of the Interior

División Cultural, Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipei en España

Taiwan Fine Arts Foundation

Architecture+Tectonics Taiwan

Department of Architecture, Shih Chien University, Taiwan

Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University, Taiwan

Execution: Alliance for Architectural Modernity, Taiwan

Curator: Chun-Hsiung Wang

Exhibitor: Fieldoffice Architects

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