Scenery of Dataflow-2023 Taiwan International Light Festival
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Scenery of Dataflow-2023 Taiwan International Light Festival

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Scenery of Dataflow-2023 Taiwan International Light Festival

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Scenery of Dataflow2023 Taiwan International Light Festival

Exhibition date: 2022/12/03 – 2023/02/05

Exhibition time:

  • Outdoor exhibition: 17:00~22:00

  • Indoor Exhibition U-108 SPACE: 09:00~17:00 (Tue.- Fri.), 09:00~18:00 (Sat. -Sun.)

Exhibition venue: Outdoor area of NTMoFA, U-108 SPACE

Curators: YEH Ting-Hao, CHIU Chih-Yung


Exhibition Introduction 

Data are constantly flowing around us. By capturing signals, we can weave data into landscapes. In the digital era, massive data are continuously analyzed and sorted out. Then, they are computed and used to create an order from certain perspectives to become readable information, just like what the protagonist in Matrix sees—everything comprises flows of data.

"2023 Taiwan International Light Festival" adopts the theme of “SCENERY OF DATAFLOW” to discuss how data have become the foundation for supporting and driving artistic creation throughout the development of contemporary tech art, introducing fluidity and diversity into art exhibitions and performances. The festival features six Taiwanese artists/art groups, including WANG Lien-Cheng, CHANG Hsin-Yu, TSAI Yi-Ting, TSAI Ning, 2ENTER and 404N. F, and three international artists/art groups, namely, Zachary LIEBERMAN (US), KASAHARA Shunichi\ Kezzardrix\HIGA Satoru (Japan), and Iury LECH (Ukraine/Spain)\WU Ping-Sheng (Taiwan), who have used information as their fuel for art-making to visualize data as landscapes of light and sound.




CHANG Hsin-Yu (Taiwan)

KASAHARA Shunichi\ Kezzardrix\HIGA Satoru (Japan)

TSAI Ning (Taiwan)

404N. F (Taiwan)

2ENTER  (Taiwan)

WANG Lien-Cheng (Taiwan)

TSAI Yi-Ting (Taiwan)

Iury LECH (Ukraine/Spain)\WU Ping-Sheng (Taiwan)



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