Metabody in Kinesphere
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Metabody in Kinesphere

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日曆圖案 2022/04/16 09:00 ~ 2022/06/26 18:00
googleMap連結 Gallery 203-205 of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts 

Event Details

"Metabody in Kinesphere"



Curator: HUANG Derrick

Participating Artists:

Candas Sisman(Turkey)

Melina Hennicker + Michael Schmidt+ Andreas Woller(Germany)


Anna Orlikowska(Poland)

Luca Bonaccorsi(Italy)

XCEPT(Hong Kong)

Anarchy Dance Theatre X IF PLUS CO., LTD. (Taiwan)

LIN Yueh-Shiar (Taiwan)

TSENG Yu-CHuan (Taiwan)

CHENG HsienYu (Taiwan)

CHANG Ting Tong (Taiwan)

TAO Ya-Lun (Taiwan)


“Metabody in Kinesphere” explores the development and technical expressions of media art and the interdisciplinary contemplations on body/material, machine/technology, and environment/epoch through technological mediums. Amid this atmosphere of innovation and awareness, artists contemplate and interpret visual and bodily sensations as multilayered symbols and expressions, transforming the body into different forms and transcending the underlying will of the physical body. As technology continues to construct or redefine, contemporary art integrates digital mediums and technological creations to showcase a variety of effects between the real and the virtual which are further channeled through the internet, artificial intelligence, data operation, and media transmission. Paired with technological hardware and software, perhaps these works surpass traditional compositions of a priori sequences and can be viewed as mutual interventions between the body and technological interfaces? Or, as the body engages in interactions with the works, maybe they initiate empathy that allows further understanding of the creative attempts of contemporary artists?

This exhibition integrates media technology with technological participation, and its discourse extends to the distinction between the real and the virtual in the digital age. Through attempts to encourage interaction and by linking technology with bodily sensations, the exhibition explores the following:

  1. The integration of media art with bodily sensations and its varying forms of existences; through interpretations between time, space, and image technology, the exhibition points to the sensory circuit of the digital body.
  2. Through overlapping algorithm programs, data processing, and artificial intelligence, the display reveals to viewers the relationship and changing images brought forth by digital manipulation.
  3. The spatial arrangement and works allow perceptual displacement, which further encourages the Metabody to break free from the limitations of time and space and explore immersive transcending experiences.

The spatial arrangement of the exhibition reflects the concept of “kinesphere.” The rhythms of the human body expand digital trends and technological compound techniques so that the displays are presented as narrative clues that urge viewers to break free from bodily inertia and reflect on the dissociation of body awareness. Viewers are encouraged to explore the withdrawal of time sequence, virtual camouflage, and the overlap of sensations, positioning bodily sensations as a metric for the opposition between reality and different concepts. This exhibition includes the works of 11 artists from Taiwan and abroad, which explore the presentation of the metabody in the digital age and how it seeps into the perceptions of the physicalized body. The works also weave into the central theme of contemporary digitalization and point to the changing, synthetic body. The exhibition features intertwined and corresponding kinesphere through three subtopics: Bodily Traverses: The Immersive Experience as Interactive Sensations, Bodily Displacement: From Internet Operations to Databases, and Bodily Transformation: Identities that Transcend The Self and Experiences.


Supervisor: Ministry of Culture

Organizer: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

Special Thanks: Goethe-Institut Taipei

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