The Song of the White Bird in the Wild
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The Song of the White Bird in the Wild

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2020/11/22(Sun.)14:30 NTSO Concert Hall googleMap連結 NTSO Concert Hall  葉政德 Cheng-Te Yeh

Event Details

NTSO 2020/21 Season
The Song of the White Bird in the Wild

2020/11/22(Sun.)14:30 NTSO Concert Hall

Conductor: Cheng-Te Yeh

Tsung-Hsien Yang: Dancing Crane the Internal Landscapes (Commissioned by NTSO for the “Symphonic Taiwan” project, world premiere)
J. Sibelius: ‘Swan of Tounela’ from “Lemminkäinen Suite
C. Saint-Saën: ‘Swan’ from “The Carnival of the Animals
P. I. Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake Suite, Op. 20

About 100 min.


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In western legends, the swan sings the most moving song as it is dying. With its graceful image and pure white feathers, the swan has inspired many music compositions. In Saint-Saën's ‘Swan’ from “The Carnival of the Animals", the cello floats gracefully as a swan on top the rippling accompaniment, and eventually lowers its head to rest in nature. Tchaikovsky's classical ballet "Swan Lake" has become the alternative name for white ballet music - the swan’s pure white image elevates the dance and music into an innocent fairytale. On the other hand, Sibelius’ ‘Swan of Tounela’ depicts a black swan swimming merrily in the rivers of hell as the English horn slowing sings the song of death.

Orchestral piece "Dancing Crane the Internal Landscapes" is Tsung-hsien Yang’s new piece commissioned by NTSO “Symphonic Taiwan” project. The whole composition includes seven parts which are all inspired by the works of writer Wuhe. Each piece expresses a diverse array of imagery and emotions related to Taiwan.