“#Me Too Forerunners” Exhibition (Free Admission)
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“#Me Too Forerunners” Exhibition (Free Admission)

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“#Me Too Forerunners” Exhibition (Free Admission)
日曆圖案 2022/07/27 09:00 ~ 2022/09/25 18:00
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Event Details

#MeToo (# I am also a “victim”) is a hashtag on social media since 2017 to widely denounce sexual assault and harassment. In fact, even before that, there was a group of forerunners of the #MeToo Movement in Taiwan, i.e., the former Taiwanese “comfort women”.

“Comfort women” refers to the women forced into prostitution and sexually abused at Japanese military brothels during World War II. Historians estimate there was about 2,000 Taiwanese “comfort women”, of whom 59 have been suffered from serious sexual assault by the Japanese military during the war.

Through the stories of the former Taiwanese“comfort women , we invite the viewers to learn more about the suffering of sexual and gender-based violence victims. Furthermore, to understand that promoting gender equality is a critical part of violence prevention.