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Recruitment for International Docents 2024 Autumn
Session Information
Number of Sessions Venue Lecturer/Guest Speaker
International Docent Training Program- Spring 2024 [28 Feb., 2-3 Mar.] googleMap連結 臺博館本館 35 Phaedra Fang
Recruitment for International Docents 2024 Autumn googleMap連結 Online Registration 35 Phaedra Fang


Event Information
國立臺灣博物館招募學生外語導覽員!歡迎大專院校對英語導覽、熱愛分享臺灣歷史與文化的學生報名參加! National Taiwan Museum is Recruiting International Docents! We are looking for students enthusiastic in sharing Taiwanese history and culture!
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The NTM International Docent Training Program aims to invite students to the English volunteer tour guide team of National Taiwan Museum and explore the rich culture and history of Taiwan. In this Program, you will be able to learn about the most iconic cultural heritage sites in downtown Taipei, and connect Taiwan's history with the landscape. You will find how historic architectures can be viewed as an expression of ideology, and how the modern Taiwanese society was shaped by the major historic events, and how your personal experience and culture can be incorporated into your own guided tours. What's more, it's also a great chance for you to meet people with different cultural backgrounds but with the same passion for museums and guided tours.

Guided tour events: http://www.facebook.com/NTMtour

Media and reports:

  • Podcast: 連俞涵主持EP.64│山羌閱覽室今天首次不聊書,訪問臺博館研究人員與策展人 方慧詩, 帶你穿越回到臺北城的過去 Apple Podcast-  https://reurl.cc/85dRDd  Spotify- https://reurl.cc/Ayoabp
  • PTS TV Show: "下課花路米Follow Me Go- Wonders of Museums S2" Episode 14: A Museum Where Landmarks Speak for Themselves: The National Taiwan Museum https://youtu.be/tMObZzffcVE?t=1207

**For more information about the program, please scroll down. 

1. 培訓課程 Training Program 





Day One

21 September, Sat.

Venue: 3F Classroom, 本館 Main Building (No.2, Xiangyang Rd.)


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Introduction of the Program


09:40- 10:20

Self-introduction (30 sec. each)



Guided Tour on the Main Building and Surrounding Landscape



Lecture on the National Taiwan Museum System



Lunch Break & Group Task: Completing A Tour Script



Group Presentations 小組發表


How to Give a Guided Tour at the Museum- Part 1/2



Introduction of the Qualifications


Day Two

22 September, Sun.

Venue: 3F Classroom, 本館 Main Building (No.2, Xiangyang Rd.)


Stage I Qualification (written exam)



Lecture on Taiwanese Cultures


Lunch Break 午餐休息


How to Give a Guided Tour at the Museum - Part 2/2



Q&A for the Stage II Qualification


Day Three

28 September, Sat.

Venue: 2F Multifunction Classroom, 鐵道部園區 Railway Department Park ( 2, Sec. 1, Yanping North Rd. )


 (Optional) Trial Tour Rehearsals



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Group Discussions and Lunch Break



Guided Tour Relay by Each Group



General Discussion 綜合討論

 Weekend Guided Tours
 Walking Tour of Old Taipei (once a month)
 Diplomatic receptions

 Special events


 Multilingual tours (Japanese tour by Nana)


2. 服勤要求 Service Requirements

通過導覽驗收後,學員於 2024/010/01 至 2025/3/31 期間滿足16小時的下列服勤內容。

After passing the qualifications (written exams and trial tours), all students are required to fulfill a minimum service hours of 16 hours (between 1st October 2024 and 31st March 2025) on the tasks listed below.

(1) 導覽 Guided tours

  • 週日下午英語(或週六下午其他外語)定時導覽與觀眾訪問(13:30~16:30)
    Sunday English regular tours (or Saturday multilingual tours) and visitor feedback study(13:30~16:30)
  • 每月第三個週日上午臺北城英語散步導覽(08:30~12:30)
  • Monthly walking tour of old Taipei "Blast to the Past"(Saturday, 08:30~12:30)

(2) Feedback on the training 課程心得一篇。
Feedback on the training program, 300 words in English or 250 words in Chinese.

(3) Feedback on giving the guided tours 期末服勤心得一篇。
A final report to conclude your service and museum experience, 300 words in English or 250 words in Chinese.

All students docents need to be qualified before giving guided tours by 12 October, 2024.

3. 學員資格 Qualifications

  • 語言能力:英文口說流暢,非母語人士需提供語言能力測驗成績TOEFL iBT85分以上、IELTS6.5以上或全民英檢中高級通過。如為臺灣國內大專院校國際學生即可免提供英語檢定。
    Fluent in English. Non-native speakers should provide English qualification results (TOEFL iBT 85 and above, IELTS overall 6.5 and above,)
    or proof of enrollment as a formal international student or exchange student in the universities of Taiwan. For the international students in the univerisities of Taiwan, the certificates of English proficiency are not mandatory.  
  • 學術興趣或專長:文資保存、歷史、語言、博物館學、自然科學。
    ​Academic interests or college major: heritage conservation, history, language and literature, museology and natural sicence.
  • 個人特質:具服務熱忱、禮儀,樂於分享,對國際交流有熱情。
    Personal characteristics: polite, passionate about customer service and sharing knowledge, enthusiastic about international activities.

  • 預計招收15~35歲大專院校與高級中學在學學生、Gap year青年(畢業後一年內) 35海外大學來台研習華語的學生也歡迎~~~
    ​Recruitment:  35 slots for graduate, undergraduate, high school or gap year students aged between 17 and 35​. Oversea students at Mandarin learning centers are also welcome!
    • 如果線上報名系統收到超過35名合格的報名者,則將於9月17日至9月19日間辦理電話面試篩選學員,以確保教學品質。
    • If we receive more than 35 qualified online registrants,  a phone interview will be conducted to select legit members.

4. 聯絡資訊 Contact Us

教育推廣組 方小姐

Education Department Ms. Fang  (02)2382-2699#5466

Email: hsfang@ntm.gov.tw


5. 線上報名Online Registration: 🔗 https://forms.gle/CWvijYtuKbpQFX578 

Registration Deadline: Monday, 16 September, 2024(UTC+8).


6. 培訓費用 Registration Fee:NT$300.- (文化幣OK!)

  • 包含一年內臺博館四館門票(限本人使用) Including personal admission to all four branches within a year!
  • 使用文化幣付款提供限量紀念品!Special sounvenir included when paying with Culture Points.