NTSO 【Homeland & Poetry】Xiao-Ying Zheng and NTSO (Canceled)
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NTSO 【Homeland & Poetry】Xiao-Ying Zheng and NTSO (Canceled)

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【Homeland & Poetry】Xiao-Ying Zheng and NTSO

This event has now been canceled. For more information about tickets please contact ArtsTicket +886-4-22595358, https://bit.ly/3cVpKYf

2020/05/08(Fri.)19:30 Taichung Chung Hsing Hall

2020/05/09(Sat.)19:30 Performance Hall of Cultural Bureau, Hsinchu County

Conductor: Xiao-Ying Zheng
Alto: Guang Yang
Tenor: Fernando Wang
Choir: The Hsinchu County Teachers' Choir, Yangin Choir

G. Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Chinese Lyrics, translated by Zhang Yi from English Lyrics, amended by Xiao-Ying Zheng, referenced from the Fu-Shu Lao German-Chinese Version in 2013, Taiwan premiere)
Yuan Liu: Symphonic Epic ”The Echoes of Hakka’s Earth Buildings

Duration  120 min. with intermission

Taichung NT$300、500、800、1000
Hsinchu NT$300、500、800

Directed:Ministry of Culture
Organizer & Perform:National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra
Co-Host:Cultural Affairs Bureau of Hsinchu County Government
Co-Organized:National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

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Hear us sing "Das Lied von der Erde" in our own language and embrace the calls from our homeland…Come receive the most sincere greetings from music as they soar atop the wind.

"Das Lied von der Erde" is a classic by Mahler as it combines vocals with orchestral music. It is not only a demonstration of extraordinary musical designs, but also a very intriguing piece since it incorporated Chinese Tang period poetry to express the composer's thoughts and ideas.

The composition is not only highly artistic, but also shows Mahler's overall life philosophy. From the sound that mimics a monkey call in the beginning to the very last movement where the alto gently sings "forever...forever...", the entire work is filled with chaotic beauty where fin de siècle western and eastern culture collide and merge, leading the audience on a spiritual journey that goes beyond space and time.

Tonight, we present a unique version of the masterpiece - the lyrics will be sung in Chinese. We hope to present the Tang poetry in its original language, and see how layers of translation can bring forth a different way of appreciating the composition's essence.

This concert will be conducted by 90-year-old Chinese maestro Xiao-Ying Zheng, and also present Yuan Liu's Symphonic Epic ”The Echoes of Hakka’s Earth Buildings” which he wrote for the Hakka people.

From “Das Lied von der Erde” to “The Echoes of Hakka’s Earth Buildings”, tonight we bring music impacted by the east and the west and an understanding of unpredictable life.

*NTSO reserves the right to further change。