Lan Shui, Richard Lin / Pastorale and Violin Concerto
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Lan Shui, Richard Lin / Pastorale and Violin Concerto

Session Information

Number of Sessions Venue Musician/Performer
2020/10/24(Sat.)19:30 NTSO Concert Hall googleMap連結 NTSO Concert Halll  水藍 Lan Shui (20/21)
林品任 Richard Lin (20/21)
2020/10/28(Wed.)19:30 National Concert Hall googleMap連結 National Concert Hall  水藍 Lan Shui (20/21)
林品任 Richard Lin (20/21)

Event Details

NTSO 2020/21 Season
Lan Shui, Richard Lin/Pastorale and Violin Concerto

2020/10/24(Sat.)19:30 NTSO Concert Hall)

2020/10/28(Wed.)19:30 National Concert Hall

Conductor: Lan Shui

Violin: Richard Lin

L.v. Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61
L.v. Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F Major “Pastorale”, Op. 68

About 120 min.

Ticket Price
Taichung 300、500、800、1000
Taipei 300、500、800、1000、1500、2000

Arts Ticket
成為NTSO 2020/21 VIP(請點擊)

To create a piece of “program music”, composers would add text introductions or titles to their work to spark the audience’s imagination. Beethoven heralded in this trend and his Pastorale Symphony is, without a doubt, the first milestone of this style. The objective of “Pastorale” is not to depict a specific object or event with a title, but to inspire the poetic connection with nature. This composition presents a smooth and light atmosphere which makes it very different to Beethoven's other heroic style symphonies.

Beethoven's “Violin Concerto in D Major” (1806) is the first example of transforming violin concertos into symphony music: the orchestra is not simply an accompaniment to the violin; instead, it leads the direction of the music. The main violin is usually flying high over the music, or conversing with the orchestra. Either way, the violin is never overwhelmed by the powerful orchestra. The music at times astonishes the audience with grand and dominant displays, and at times soothes the listeners with gentle and loving presentations. This masterpiece became the direct (or indirect) inspiration for all violin concertos after it, including concertos by Mendelssohn, Brahms, Bruch, Sibelius, and Berg. These works will also be performed by NTSO alongside many domestic and international violinists.