Emerging Taiwanese Cultural Landscape
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Emerging Taiwanese Cultural Landscape

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Emerging Taiwanese Cultural Landscape
日曆圖案 2021/07/29 10:00 ~ 2021/12/05 18:00
googleMap連結 National Center of Photography and Images, Taipei, Galleries 201, 202, 203 

Event Details

Emerging Taiwanese Cultural Landscape

Date | 2021.7.29 - 2021.12.5

Venue | National Center of Photography and Images, Taipei, Galleries 201, 202, 203.

Curator | Albert J. L. Huang


"Taiwanese culture" is currently an ambiguous concept yet to be clearly defined.
Can the "mirror image of Taiwan" help define "Taiwanese culture"?

Emerging Taiwanese Cultural Landscape attempts to decipher the "Taiwanese cultural landscape" as seen in the eyes of local Taiwanese photographers of different generations from the collections of the National Center of Photography and Images and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. I also hope to pile up these image slices of Taiwan from different times and locations as considerable references to Taiwan's cultural fabric, which help us to contemplate on the "Taiwanese culture" that has always existed but remains abstract and ambiguous. That is, this exhibition is in fact proposing a reflection on the true meaning of the land and its people: what is "our land of Taiwan"? Who are "our people of Taiwan"?

Preliminary Study on the "Images of Taiwan" as a Foundation of the "History of Photography in Taiwan"

In order to comb through and present such a "public Taiwan" (the motherland that nurtures us), the curator would like to apologize to the photographers featured in this exhibition. In this exhibition, the creative contexts of these photographers are taking the backseat, as the priority is to highlight the common elements of Taiwan to form a comprehensive thinking. Through combinations of image editing, a so-called "shared creative context of Taiwanese photography" that is more extensive and detailed has been horizontally woven. Due to the long absence of studies related to the history of photography in Taiwan, it is necessary for us to carry out a comprehensive compilation and organization of Taiwanese photography, so as to pave the way for the history of photography in Taiwan that awaits to be written.

Thoughts on Taiwan's Cultural Context 

Another curatorial purpose of this exhibition is to outline the basic structure of the development of Taiwanese culture: the cultural pulses of Taiwanese culture is presented in the process of resistance, conflict, interaction, exchange, and compromise of Taiwan's indigenous peoples as they faced the visitors and immigrants from elsewhere. Local ethnic groups that were originally here in Taiwan and the colonial hegemonies from elsewhere must learn to achieve "co-existence," and this co-existence in different periods has given rise to the "local native cultures" of different generations. 

The roots of Austronesian indigenous peoples, the stimulation of Dutch and Spanish cultures, the profound continuation of the Chinese culture, and the marks left behind by the Japanese culture's embracing of modernization, as well as the transplant of contemporary Western culture, and the addition of the cultures of new immigrants — the fusion and presence of all these diverse viewpoints have formed into an important force that continues to drive Taiwan's culture forward today.  

An Attempt to Shape the "Taiwanese Tone" and "Taiwanese Flavor" with Images 

Echoing NCPI's inaugural exhibition, Hold the Mirror up to His Gaze: The Early History of Photography in Taiwan (1869-1949), which focused on the theoretical studies of Taiwan's photography history, Emerging Taiwanese Cultural Landscape delves into the core of the issue of Taiwan's subjectivity by combing through visual images. However, due to the modest exhibition space at the Center, the exhibition presents corresponding and parallel displays of "original prints" and "digital presentations," which is also a challenge and experiment on the format of photographic exhibitions.



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