“For the Love of this Land: Shiy De-Jinn Retrospective”
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“For the Love of this Land: Shiy De-Jinn Retrospective”

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“For the Love of this Land: Shiy De-Jinn Retrospective” googleMap連結 Gallery 203-205  

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"For the Love of this Land: Shiy De-Jinn Retrospective"                      

Shiy De-Jinn arrived in Taiwan in 1948 and is known for his signature style of integrating traditional cultural elements with Taiwan’s natural and local scenery. Sadly, Shiy passed away in 1981, at the height of his artistic achievement. Close friends of the artist established a foundation with the goal of preserving his works, and in 1992, Shiy’s works were donated to the collection of Taiwan Museum of Art (currently National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, NTMoFA). With the goal of expressing gratitude for the donation and showcasing the connection between Shiy’s art and Taiwan, the NTMoFA is presenting the 2021 exhibition “For the Love of this Land: Shiy De-Jinn Retrospective,” a special exhibition highlighting Shiy’s oeuvre and commemorating the 40th anniversary of the artist’s death.


This exhibition showcases watercolors that display Shiy’s depiction of historical architecture, residential houses, and landscape of Taiwan, which were constant themes that laid at the heart of Shiy’s creative career. The display is categorized into two themes: “Taiwanese Landscapes” and “Traditional Architecture,” with hopes of illustrating the connection between Shiy and the culture and landscape of Taiwan, as well as the artist’s unique artistic expressions that were inspired by the island.


To encourage sharing art resources, the NTMoFA is expanding Shiy’s works within the museum collection to other venues, aiming to deepen and spotlight the integral value of Taiwanese art. After the NTMoFA, the exhibition will also be presented at Chiayi Art Museum, National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Pingtung Art Museum, and Yilan Museum of Art.


  Curator / National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Researcher, Lin Ming-Hsien


♦ Supervisor:  Ministry of Culture

♦ Organizer:  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

♦ Co-organizer:  Shiy De Jinn Foundation、Chiayi City Governmnet、Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City、Chiayi Art Museum、National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Pingtung County Government、Cutural Affairs Department of Pingtung County Government 、Pingtung City Government, Pingtung Art Museum、Yilan County  Government、Cultural Affairs Bureau, Yilan County, Yilan Museum of Art.

♦ Media Partner:  National Education Radio、ARTouch、Artist Magazine

♦ Date & Venue

     1st Stop: Naitonal Taiwan Musuem of Fine Arts/2021.08.21-2021.10.03/Gallery 203-205

   2nd Stop: Art and Culture Gallery in Chiayi City/2021.10.28-2021.11/14/3F, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Chiayi City

   3rd Stop: National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall/2021.12.10-2021.12.20/Bo-ai Gallery, Culture Corridors

   4th Stop: Pingtung Art Museum/2022.01.02-2022.01.16/Gallery 101、102

   5th  Stop : Yilan Musuem of Art/2022.01.22-2022.03.06/1st floor and 2nd floor



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