NEXEN--The Parallel Universe of Hsieh Chun-Te--The Final Chapter
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NEXEN--The Parallel Universe of Hsieh Chun-Te--The Final Chapter

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2021/07/31 9:00 ~ 2021/09/26 18:00
日曆圖案 2021/07/31 09:00 ~ 2021/09/26 17:00
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The Beginner’s Mind Hidden in the Earth - I Found Myself


When the original humans return from the multiverse,

they discover that their hometown has somehow become an uninhabited, unfamiliar place.
Representing the future and possessing the past, they begin excavating——the present.


Led by the archaeological anthropologist "Tao" and his four family members, the original humans land in the Taipei Basin. Symbolizing the unfinished ambition of reaching to the sky, four towers with Taipei 101 as their foundation stand erect in the nearly ruined city of Taipei. For some reason, however, their construction is terminated, and the Taipei City underneath is now almost in ruins. They begin to dig deep into the ground: the first cultural layer unearthed is the studio of Hsieh Chun-Te, where the symbol of his beginner’s mind – Portrait of Lanyu in 1973 – lies hidden in the earth. Subsequently, four more cultural layers are revealed, and in the fifth cultural layer, the artist himself is found.

After The Brave World - The Parallel Universe of Hsieh Chun-Te in 2016 and Ten-Ka - The Parallel Universe of Hsieh Chun-Te in 2018, Taiwanese contemporary artist Hsieh Chun-Te presents NEXEN: The Parallel Universe of Hsieh Chun-Te--The Final Chapter. With his energy accumulated over the course twenty years, the artist invites outstanding young creators to join him and illustrate his fable of a world’s creation by blending literature, photography, music, video, sculpture, installation and interactive works.


About the Artist


Born in an agricultural family in Taichung in 1949, Hsieh moved to Taipei to pursue a creative career in photography at the age of seventeen. With an avant-garde, surreal style, he joined the Visual Group 10 in the 1970s and became a pioneer in launching Taiwanese photography from the mainstream salon photography at the time into modernism and conceptual art. During his creative career of over fifty years, Hsieh’s art practice spans modern photography, fabricated photography, documentary photography, portrait photography, fashion advertisement, MV directing, documentary filmmaking, stage design, poetry, novel, screenplay, digital art and dining feast, the last of which he has developed in recent years.

Since his first solo exhibition Midnight in 1969, Hsieh presented a series of exhibitions based on the core concept of “home,” including Association Classic (1974), Land and People of My Own (1979), Window & Mirror (1981), Faces of Our Time (1986) and Country (1988), recording the landscape and culture of Taiwan with images and words.

From None-zone Moving in 2002 to Raw in 2011, Hsieh began elaborating on the meaning of “home” and reflected on one’s root in life. In recent years, he has been developing the Parallel Universe series (starting in 2016), expanding the notion of a visible “home” to the “home” of the soul, exploring the ubiquitous “presence” of life.

In 2011, Hsieh presented his solo exhibition Le Festin de Chun-Te at the 54th Venice Biennale. His interdisciplinary art practice that amalgamates photography, design, installation, photography, stage, food and digital technology has won him much attention in Europe. Hsieh has been listed as one of the five research subjects for the study group of the Genesis of Visual Arts/Photographic chaired by Monique Sicard, a researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research in France. From 2013 to 2015, her team visited Taiwan several times to film a documentary featuring the artist for ARTE, the European TV channel.

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