Taiwan Exhibition at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia
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Taiwan Exhibition at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia

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Primitive Migration from/to Taiwan
日曆圖案 2021/05/22 10:00 ~ 2021/11/21 18:00
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Event Information

Taiwan Exhibition at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia Primitive Migration from/to Taiwan

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RSVP for Taiwan’s Collateral Event at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia https://forms.gle/Rg4f2jQPvBjKaxUd6
*Dates: 22  May to 21 November 2021(Closed on Mondays)
*Opening hours: 10 am - 6 pm (Free Admission)
*Venue: Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice, Italy (Castello 4209, San Marco, 30122 Venice, Italy)
*RSVP for weekend and national holiday(June 2 and June 29) only by online booking or Phone: +331 126 5272
*Please wear your mask and follow the exhibition rules for COVID-19, thank you for your cooperation!
*More information:

Primitive Migration from/to Taiwan

People who pine to live closer to nature, tend to travel between urban and rural areas. This kind of informal, ever-changing nomadic lifestyle is well represented by travelers, spiritual practitioners, and those who pursue their sanctuary in nature.

Situated in East Asia, Taiwan is located at the convergent point of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate. As one of the homelands of the Austronesian people, Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and approximately 70% of the landscape is covered in verdant Alpine forests and rolling hills. Being the 38th largest island in the world, it has an overall marine tropical climate, where the northern and central regions  of Taiwan are subtropical, the southern region is tropical, and the mountainous regions are temperate. Taiwan is also home to over 4,077 species of native vascular plants, 800 species of vertebrates, and 20,000 recorded species of insects.

There is a fine line between the balance of developing and conserving nature that is worth the effort.

Based in Taiwan, the inter-fields design team Divooe Zein Architects studio is dedicated to studying and planning for nature and rural fields for years. In 2014, the studio established “siu siu – Lab of Primitive Senses”, with the core value of generating a “nature-based learning field”. The success of interdisciplinary collaboration among botanists, traditional medicine practitioners, aboriginal artists, climatologists, spiritualists, yoga instructors and many others is shared with the public through this experimental base. In 2017, the team collaborated with CMP Village on the project “The Forest BIG” which integrated multiple industries and the concept of “Learning from nature”. This project further revealed the values and the influence of this concept. By observing the ever changing landscape and environment of each unique architecture work and carrying out in-depth fieldworks, the team discovered, for nature to not be overexploited yet develop continuously, it required to co-exist with the essential component of “tranquility of mind”.

Taiwan Exhibition presents not only the independent experimental works such as siu siu - Lab of Primitive Senses in Taipei and Nature Monastery in Bali, but also other planning and conceptual design projects which cooperated with enterprises such as “The Forest BIG” with CMP Village, “Semi-Ecosphere Glass House” with Spring Pool Glass and JUT foundation, and “Lab of Primitive Perception” with developers in China. These selected projects reflect different cultural backgrounds, geographical landscape, commercial industries, space usage among others. While each project shows their own unique perspective, they all play the significant role of bridging the gap between different local context and demonstrating and expanding the values of cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Divooe Zein Architects studio explores and excavates  the gradually forgotten elements— nature, species of flora and fauna, and culture within the continuing Primitive Migration on our homeland. By creating space for living and through the process of constructing architecture, the studio seeks to learn from those who surround them and further collaborate with those who apply ancient wisdom to their everyday life. Little by little, people form together and paint the whole picture of life.

Curator_ Divooe Zein (Chih-Wei Tseng)

Divooe Zein, the director of Divooe Zein Architects. Zein was raised up in Palau islands and studied in the international school SDA. After his practice of architecture, he established Divooe Zein Architects in Taipei and started the journey and field studies back and forth in between Bali islands in Indonesia and Taiwan from 2003 until now. At 2014, he established siu siu – Lab of Primitive Senses in Taipei, and started the teaching work in Shih Chien University Department of Architecture in Taiwan.

Curator_ Wei-Lun(Frank) Huang

Founder of Double-Grass International Co. Started from sharing inspiring news on website, later found themselves can’t refuse the temptation to provide inspiring exhibition/event experience to their audience, in any way.

Exhibitors_ Divooe Zein Architects

Established in 2003, Divooe Zein Architects is located on the back hill of the Shuangxi Yangmingshan National Park just outside of Taipei, Taiwan. The designs of the team take on a holistic approach that considers the building, environment, perception, and other factors.  The team has worked on the renovation of historical buildings, innovative design of research institute, experimental housing, hotels, and more. Since 2014, it has been exploring the use of lightweight materials, as well as the applications and potential of composite materials.

Film_ Mauricio Freyre

Scent_ Äi Äi ILLUM LAB

Key Visual_ Hung-Chang Lien aka ELF-19

Technical Advisers_ Lin Kaifeng, Huang Yen Hsun

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