As Fun As Art! Play with Hervé Tulle
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As Fun As Art! Play with Hervé Tulle

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As Fun As Art! Play with Hervé Tulle
日曆圖案 2020/12/26 10:00 ~ 2021/11/28 18:00
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Event Details

To those involved in child education, or families with young children, Hervé Tullet is not an unfamiliar name. Perhaps instead of saying that Hervé Tullet is a world renowned illustrator of children storybooks, one should rather say that he is the artist who knows how best to teach children to have fun with art. Hervé Tullet believes that good illustrated works allow adults and children to have fun together, and this ideal has also been embedded in the solo exhibition which he has been invited to put on for leading art museums/children museums around the world, as well as the large-scale group workshops that he has been asked to lead. Through interactive workshops and his practices, Hervé Tullet interacts the visual elements when playing with art, such the lines, shapes and colors, manipulating and experimenting with them in order to create interesting scenarios. This allows children to make connections with their life experiences through their observation, sense of touch and sight, and other physical perceptions, and thus to resonate with the art.

Hervé Tullet’s first solo exhibition in Taiwan- As Fun As Art: Play with Hervé Tullet-has been invited to move beyond his two dimensional practice on papers but to shows Tullet’s new attempt of three dimensional practice in the museum spaces. This first-time attempt starts from the infinite surprises generated by the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue, and extends the three elements of point, line and plane into three-dimensional sculptures. The exhibition echoes the artist’s free, add-lib style of unrestricted creativity, providing a chance to the viewers to try their hands at tearing, pasting and drawing their own works and to show their art. NTMoFA is exciting about exhibiting his minimalist style and great artistic achievement in Tullet’s works, and the guidance in his free and playful experiences, it will create a fun, artistic space that is even more creative and imaginative for children’s art education.

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