HUANG Han-Po: The Rupture
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HUANG Han-Po: The Rupture

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Number of Sessions
2020/08/01–2020/10/04, Multiple Screens, National Taiwan Museum Fine Arts
日曆圖案 2020/08/01 12:00 ~ 2020/10/04 18:00

Event Details

Artist Statement

When referring to “place” as a meaningful reference to location, John Agnew states that place involves the concept of location, place, and sense of place. As a space endowed with meaning, “place” is a way to know the world.

From the dimension of the movement and memory of place, the “bridge” is the boundary between place and scene; the accumulation of time has led to qualitative change amid visible materials, while the local memories that are gradually blurred lead to ruptures in intangible connotations, including political policies, social incidents, and living conditions.

The creation of this work is based on the concepts of local genealogy and topography with the bridge as a metaphor for communication. The work attempts to locate the boundary between the material and non-material and how they form identity through re-presented scenery. The work also tackles the invisible “rupture” between the two fields and makes observations from the perspective of “placelessness” while further inspecting the topics of de-boundralization and identity.

By inspecting local boundary through vertical time, the “rupture” of boundary refers to placelessness and does not view history as a linear process, but the layering of a series of social incidents; the flow of each incident are results of boundary rupture, including the rupture of time and knowledge. Therefore, continuous rupture seeks to reveal the memories of “placelessness” hidden in the axis of time and the articulating trajectory and imagination of de-boundralization.