CHOU Chia-Wei: Are we just an angel from the pantry
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CHOU Chia-Wei: Are we just an angel from the pantry

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CHOU Chia-Wei: Are we just an angel from the pantry
日曆圖案 2020/06/13 12:00 ~ 2020/08/09 18:00

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Artist Statement


The inspiration of Are we just an angel from the pantry comes from a paragraph I read on the internet: “Are we just like an angel cake in a pantry, delicately designed by a recipe?


The motivation of my artworks is based on an understanding that it’s getting harder to make art after I started a full-time job. I question myself why I should make art. For me, creating artwork and going to work at the same time is just like multitasking practices to be more efficient. If I have a chance to finish more works, it means I can earn more money than others. I see myself as a simple person, who tries to become great, hard-working, and achieve success in my way.


Following my artwork’s progress, I do have more practice about time management and efficiency in work. I started to record my daily life, daily expenses, to-do list, and started to write dairy again. “Dairy” is used for the business schedule instead of ideas and thoughts after I started working. I keep questioning myself why should I make art? What is the reason for me to “create” artwork? I was thinking about these questions in the initial stage of my creative journey, trying to figure out that does making art become an irreplaceable experience in my life while I was a student? Am I seeking to make art again in order to have that kind of experience? If those experiences were irreplaceable, I should probably look for a better way to relive it by working in a different time and background.


My existence is a part of the extension of this question, which has probably been considered by countless others and also answered by many. Does everyone have an ultimate lesson to stop being self-suspicious, in order to live in the world which most attractive for growing up? I remember throughout my creative journey as a student, I was slowly seeing the world more clearly. It felt like I was able to see destiny as gusts of wind blowing on people as they take various actions in life. I felt like there was a story within me, a story that was conversing with the world. I believed this sentiment resulted in irreplaceable experiences, and the answer that I found at the time was:


“I understand that all relationships will eventually be gone, and I see each artwork as a way to learn about how to give well wishes and bid farewell. However, those relationships will not disappear; they are just blown by the wind of destiny to a place that is further away. If I wish to see them again, I should then learn how to give them my blessings and properly say goodbye. I also know that I, too, will eventually leave, and this will likely happen to me more than once throughout my life.”


Therefore, I make art, and with each blessing and every farewell, it feels like a part of me is left in each artwork I create. I reexamine myself as I enter into various stages in life. Art is my home, where I belong, and the artworks take me back on a path that I should continue to move forward on.


Concept, computer graphics, programming: CHOU Chia-Wei

Sounds: CHENG Dao-Yuan

Poster key vision: YU Pei-Chi


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