Selection of NTMoFA’s Collection
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Selection of NTMoFA’s Collection

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Selection of NTMoFA’s Collection
日曆圖案 2020/05/19 10:00 ~ 2020/09/06 18:00
googleMap連結 Main lobby, Digiark, E-Pavilion 

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Organizer: NTMoFA Director Lin Chi-Ming and curatorial team

Chen Shun-Chu’s photographic work serves as the overture of Selection of NTMoFA’s Collection, and leads the audience into his memory of growing up. Whereas the intense, vivid image stems from the artist’s personal life, it is also emblematic of the culture and land familiar to Taiwanese people. The artist’s private, secluded personal experience is conveyed through the work, which is not simply a space where his strong feelings dwell but also a significant piece to map out Taiwanese art history that can bring back together the history and warmth of this land.


The exhibition features precious works created from the 60s to the contemporary era, guiding the audience to vertically trace the historical context of Taiwanese art and the style of individual artists while horizontally expanding the scope to examine the development of different traditions and new media as well as artworks created by Asian artists that have kept in close contact with Taiwan.


The exhibition, chronologically speaking, starts from the works by Tsai In-Tang and Lu Pu-Shih, who were mentored by Shiotsuki Toho during the period of Japanese rule. Tsai In-Tang’s Tamkang was exhibited in the Tai-Yang Art Exhibition, which had been dominated by first-rate Taiwanese artists at that time. Tsai’s bold, free use of vibrant color blocks candidly expresses his passion for art-making. Lu Pu-Shih only created an extremely small number of works during his lifetime, and had mainly painted still life and seascape. The museum is fortunate to have acquired two of the artist’s existing twenty-nine works. As regards the early period following Taiwan’s retrocession, the exhibition also selects the emotive, individualistic works by Chin Jun-Tso, who was nicknamed “a maverick genius,” as well as the gouache figure painting by Hsiao Ju-Sun, the respected watercolorist in Taiwanese art history. As the new fine art movement began to quiet down, Taiwan’s modern painting movement started emerging. Signature works by important members of the Fifth Moon Group and Ton Fan Painting Association, including Chu Wei-Bor, Ho Kan, Hsiao Chin, Lee Shi-chi, Han Hsiang-Ning, Chuang Che and Cheng Chung-Chuan, are included in the NTMoFA’s collection. Each of these masterpieces has contributed to the critical stylistic changes of Taiwan’s modern art scene. Apart from the Western influences, the audience will also see works by Taiwanese ink master, Lee Yi-Hong, who has revolutionized the tradition, and those by Shi Song, whose creative practice resembles a spiritual one that leads him to embark on a quest of beauty and truth in life. Furthermore, multiple important artists, such as Hung Ken-Shen, Tsong Pu, Huang Ming-Chang, Yang Mao-Lin, Ni Tsai-Chin, Li Jiun-Shyan, Lee Chu-Hsin, Pan Sin-Hua, etc., have collectively launched the splendid era of Taiwan’s contemporary art. Moreover, the exhibition also showcases distinctive works by artists specializing in different art forms to represent the key strands that complete Taiwanese art history, including Lee Tsai-Chien who is known for his sculptures of geometric forms, as well as conceptual artist Shi Jin-Hua, video art pioneer Yuan Goang-Ming and kinetic artist Shyu Ruey-Shiann. It is important to mention that several female artists are also on view in the exhibition to foreground the artistic worlds created through the delicate sensibilities of female artists. They are Shieh Juin, the representative figure of the mid-generation female artists in Taiwan, Tse Su Mei, the recipient of the Golden Lion in the 50th Venice Biennale, indigenous artist Chang En-Man, and many more. Specially selected from the museum collection and included in the exhibition are the works by Korean artist Yi Hwan-Kwon and Japanese artist Meiro Koizumi, which the museum acquired during the Asian Art Biennial in 2007 and 2017. Building upon the collection of Taiwanese modern and contemporary art, the inclusion aims to show the importance of forming comparisons between foreign artworks and the development of Taiwanese art.


This exhibition presents an exquisite selection featuring many important artists, and includes artworks in a wide range of media, including Western media (oil, watercolor, installation, new media, mixed media), Eastern media (ink and gouache), photography and sculpture. In addition to showcasing the missing puzzle pieces of Taiwanese art history and reflecting the social pulsation in Taiwan, the exhibition offers the audience a unique opportunity to appreciate the brilliant works acquired by the museum, through which viewers can observe the crucial changes in Taiwanese art and gain a more expansive international vision through these classics.



Digiark                                                     Lobby                                                     E-Pavilion

Meiro KOIZUMI                                          YI Hwan-Kwon                                          Lee Tsai-Chien

SHI Jin-Hua                                               SHYU Ruey-Shiann

CHU Wei-Bor

LU Pu-Shih

LI Jiun-Shyan

LEE Chu-Hsin

LEE Yi-Hong

LEE Shi-Chi

CHIN Jun-Tso

HUNG Ken-Shen

NI Tsai-Chin

SHI Song

SHYU Ruey-Shiann

YUAN Goang-Ming




CHEN Shun-Chu

HUANG Ming-Chang

ANG Mao-Lin

PAN Sin-Hua

TSAI In-Tang

CHENG Chung-Chuan



HO Kan

TSE Su-Mei


HAN Hsiang-Ning


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