2017 National Art Exhibition, ROC
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2017 National Art Exhibition, ROC

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Date: 2017 / 06 / 17 – 2017 / 09 / 10
日曆圖案 2017/06/17 09:00 ~ 2017/09/10 17:00

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Supervised by Ministry of Culture, and organized by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the 2017 National Art Exhibition, ROC aims to encourage art creation, enhance creative energy of Taiwan, and recognize creative talents. First inaugurated in 2011, this year marks the seventh edition of the exhibition, which has attracted over 1,000 submissions entering the competition every year. Over the years, the entries have demonstrated consistent quality, and through the evaluation and exhibition mechanisms of open call for entries, professional review, recognition, and exhibition, the exhibition continues to promote art and has gained wide recognition, becoming the stage where creative professionals engage in healthy competition, and the indicative art competition in Taiwan.

This year’s exhibition features 10 categories: Ink Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Seal Engraving, Gouache Painting, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Prints, Sculpture, Photography, and New Media Arts. This year, a total of 1,258 entries were received, and through meticulous and careful first and second reviews, juries of all categories have selected a total of 166 works, including 30 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prize winners, and Selected Works. Among the prize winners of this year’s competition, one artist have now attained “Jury-Exemption Prize” status. Since its inception, the National Art Exhibition, ROC  has produced  8 “exempted” artists over the years, who have previously won top three prizes in the same category in three consecutive years. These artists have been awarded the “Jury-Exemption Prize” to recognize and honor their outstanding performances. Upon receiving the “Jury-Exemption Prize,” the artists will be invited to join the exhibition for three straight years. This year, five “exempted” artists are invited to join the exhibition, participating in the categories of Chinese Calligraphy, Seal Engraving, Watercolor Painting, and Sculpture, and showcasing creative works with unique styles.

Examining the prize-winning and selected works of this year’s competition, artists have actively demonstrated abundant creative energy to present diverse and fruitful results. The artists display unique personal styles in terms of creative theme, utilization of media, and style and technique; veterans continue to refine their crafts, and budding young talents begin to rise, meriting people’s recognition and attention. For traditional media featured in the exhibition, artists have all injected new vocabularies into traditional techniques to interpret new conceptions through personal thoughts; as for new media arts, the artists construct contemporary consciousness through diverse media, such as video, photography, and augmented reality. Winning works present multidimensional exploration of personal consciousness, such as reminiscence of past (Gold Prize in Photography Day after Day—Enticement of Desire is Wet yet Wizen ), environmental issues (Gold Prize in Ink Painting Revelation of Mountain and Sea ), human indifference (Bronze Prize of Sculpture Scream ), and life experience (Gold Prize in Oil Painting Standardized Landscape ),…etc. Furthermore, the National Museum of Fine Arts will also arrange for new media artists to come to the exhibition to explain their works and interact with audiences.

The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts will hold the exhibition from June 17 to September 10, 2017, in galleries 102-107, as well as the Gallery Street, and host the award ceremony on June 24, to congratulate, recognize, and encourage all award winners and selected artists at the public event. In addition to exhibiting wonderful prize-winning and selected works, the exhibition also provides a microscopic view on recent stylistic and expressive trends in Taiwanese arts. The value of the National Art Exhibition, ROC is to provide artists a platform where they can observe and exchange with one another, so that creative concepts of different forms of art can interact and dialogue; the exhibition also aims to encourage artists to sustain their hard work and effort to continue injecting more vibrancy to the diverse ecology of Taiwanese arts.  

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