Play and Playing- Light and Shadow – 2022 Taiwan International Light Festival
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Play and Playing- Light and Shadow – 2022 Taiwan International Light Festival

Session Information

Number of Sessions
Outdoor Exhibition 2021/12.25-2022/2.28 17:00-22:00 Open on the Lunar New Year's Eve and the Lunar New Years's Day

Event Information

”2022 Taiwan International Light Festival”features ten installations by artists from Taiwan, Japan, Australia and France.

Event Details

”2022 Taiwan International Light Festival” is co-curated by Yu-Chuan TSENG and Suying WENG. The exhibition features artists from Taiwan, Japan, Australia and France. Upholding the spirit of interdisciplinary creation integrating art, technology and performance, the exhibition presents a “theater of light” with ten performative installations and showcases “light” in three aspects – “Light and Shadow Theater,”“Lightscape Stage” and “Light Travel Interface” – to re-define the roles of subject and object in performance and construct the audience’s exhibition viewing behavior and sensory experience in “viewing” and “interaction.” Consequently, the exhibition transforms the audience from “someone who intervenes through viewing and participating” into “the indispensable subject in the works.” Each work reveals its unique narrative context, interaction-based sensory experience, and technology application strategy. Through their procedural system, signal translation, transmission of telecommunication representation, these works guide the audience in the participatory process, in which the artists, artworks and audience all become performers of the theater, creators of it scenarios, narrators of the stories as well as representational agents of signals. 


As the audience play amidst light and shadow, they create and experience the free, relaxing and natural “beauty,” like that is described in Byron’s poem, in the midst of flowing light while being immersed together in the magic created with light and shadow to become the “beauty” that walks in “light.”

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