Taiwanese Art Treasures Preserved Overseas--The Homecoming Exhibition of the Sun Ten Collection
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Taiwanese Art Treasures Preserved Overseas--The Homecoming Exhibition of the Sun Ten Collection

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Taiwanese Art Treasures Preserved Overseas--The Homecoming Exhibition of the Sun Ten Collection
日曆圖案 2021/03/20 09:00 ~ 2021/06/27 18:00
日曆圖案 2021/10/30 09:00 ~ 2022/03/06 17:00

Event Details

This is a wonderful story about a family dedicated to art collection. Holding fast to the conviction that “medicine heals the body; culture nurtures the soul,” entrepreneur Dr. Hsu Hong-Yen independently devoted a lifetime to supporting artists’ creative practice and preserved a large quantity of artworks at a time when state-run modern art museums were still wanting in Taiwan. After his demise, his wife continued his legacy by founding the Sun Ten Museum where these artists’ works were exhibited and promoted. To honor Dr. Hsu’s final wish, his family eventually donated his entire collection to Taiwan at the time when Taiwan’s prospects are improving. Originally belonging to this island, these pieces of work (more than 600 in total) will be integral to the reconstruction of Taiwanese art history.

The Hsu family’s devotion coincided with former Minister Cheng Li-Chiun’s manifesto pledge on “reconstructing Taiwanese art history.” Followed by Minister Lee Yung-Te’s support, the public and private sectors cooperated closely for a common purpose, surmounted all difficulties, and finally accomplished the great achievement of half-century cultural perpetuation with concerted efforts.

From the standpoint of Dr. Hsu as a collector-donor, the homecoming exhibition of the Sun Ten collection manifests the horizons and zeal of this liberal, ambitious art aficionado. The exhibition covers a total of 195 artists born in the century between 1871 and 1989. Dr. Hsu not only knew and supported these artists, but also collected their works all his life.

Organized chronologically and divided into four main sections, this exhibition features at least one piece of work by each artist.


I. Luxuriance—Paragons of Centenarians

On view in this section includes a total of 49 centenarian artists from Ishikawa Kinichiro (1871-1945) to those born before 1920. They respectively belonged to two subgroups: those who lived in Taiwan under Japanese colonial rule, and those who came of age in Mainland China and migrated to Taiwan after 1949. Sharing Dr. Hsu’s patronage and support, they constituted two powerful driving forces behind the construction of Taiwanese history and culture.

II. Diversity—Abundance, Contemplation and Radiance

This section highlights a total of 43 artists born between 1921 and 1935. They lived in a period of radical change after the rise of national self-determination movements in the 1920s, in which cultures and arts were exuberant and diverse. These artists also experienced the political imbroglio from 1945 to 1949 during their prime time.

III. Brilliance—The Epoch-Crossing Generation

The 43 artists presented in this section were born in time of war between 1936 and 1944. They were born in a war-torn era, and came of age in a fast-changing world rife with conflicts. Many of them were even deprived of their right to education. All these hardships notwithstanding, they managed to lead a brilliant life by virtue of their own efforts.

IV. Emergence—New Ethos of the Contemporaneity

On view in this section features a total of 60 artists born between 1945 and 1989, among whom some artists’ life stories remain unknown. On the whole, these artists belong to the post-war generation who experienced the times of crises, challenges and hardships as well as the Taiwan Economic Miracle. They not only witnessed Taiwan’s social, economic and political development, but also created a source of pride for contemporary civilization via their pursuit of freedom and democracy. Some of them clung to Taiwan, while others pursued advanced study abroad. Whichever way they chose, their life experiences are closely bound up with Taiwan. Ethnic group, gender, medium, and form no longer shackle their creative practice, but become essential interfaces for them to grasp the world and exchange ideas.

Apart from the four main sections comprised of the Sun Ten collection, the NTMoFA also presents the fruitful results of the Ministry of Culture’s policy on “reconstructing Taiwanese art history” since 2017, which bears testimony to the continued progress of the formation of Taiwanese cultural subjectivity.


Participating artists:  


Ishikawa Kinichiro, Ni Chiang-Huai, Chen Cheng-Po, Yu Cheng-Yao, Lu Tieh-Chou, Wu Li Yu-Ge, Kuo Po-Chuan, Liao Chi-Chun, Li Mei-Shu, Lan Yin-Ding, Yan Shuei-Long, Yang Chi-Tong, Lin Yu-Shan, Chen Hui-Kun, Lee Tze-Fan, Chen Chin, Shen Yau-Chu, Yang San-Lang, Kuo Hsueh-Hu, Li Shih-Chiao, Yeh Huo-Cheng, Chang Wan-Chuan, Tsai In-Tang, Liu Chi-Hsiang, Yeh Tsui-Pai, Chang Chi-Hua, Chen Te-Wang, Syu Yu-Yan, Wu Dung-Tsai, Chen Jing-Hui, Su Chiou-Dung, Yuan Shu-Jen, Liu Max C.W., Hung Rui-Lin, Chen Yung-Sen, Chen Ching-Fen, Chen Ting-Shih, Chang Yi-Hsiung, Lu Ghi-Cheng, Cheng Shih-Fan, Chiang Pao-Chu, Lin Chih-Chu, Cheong Soo-Pieng, Hsu Chen-Chou, Tsai Cao-Ju, Lo Mei-Chan, Hsu Wu-Yung, Hung Tong, Liao Te-Cheng.


Chen Chi-Kuan, Wu Cheng-Yen, Chiang Jui-Keng, Lin Shian-Mo, Wang Lan, Chin Jun-Tso, Hsiao Ju-Sung, Chen Ching-Kau, Shiy Der-Jinn, Shiu Lan-Sung, Chang Ping-Nan, Shen Kuo-Jen, Li Kuang-Yang, Chiang Chao-Shen, Yang Chien-Chung, Lai Chuan-Chien, Shen Che-Tsai, Lin Tian-Ruei, Guo Dung-Rung, Chiang Han-Tung, Tseng Pei-Yao, Chang Ping-Tang, Ho Chao-Chu, Wu Hao, Boonky Ho, Chen Yin-Huei, Cheng Shan-Hsi, Chin Sung, Feng Teng-Ching, Richard Lin, Lin Hsien-Tsung, Gao Shan-Lan, Chen Ching-Jung, Lo Ching-Yun, Tzeng Mau-Huang, Wang Shou-Ying, Liang Dan-Feng, Dong Ri-Fu, Ou Hau-Nian, Chen Cheng, Chen Ruei-Fu, Chen Cheng-Hsiung, Pan Ching-Yu.


Cheung Yee, T.F. Chen, Liao Shiou-Ping, Lin Chih-Hsin, Su Chia-Nan, Chen Kuo-Chan, Du Ruo-Jhou, Chi Wei-Yi, Lan Ching-Hui, Lin Rong-De, Wang Tsai-Tien, Chang Chiu-Tai, Shaih Li-Fa, Ju Ming, Liu Keng-I, Pan Chaur-Sen, Chen Huei-Tung, Hou Shou-Feng, Huang Chao-Fang, Yang Hsing-Sheng, Shih Sung, Lin Hsin-Yueh, Hsieh Hsiao-De, Chen Ying-De, Li Mao-Tzung, Li Yi-Hung, Yao Ching-Jang, Dennis Huang, Hilo Chen, Chen Chung-Wen, Chiang Ming-Shyan, Yim Mau-Kun, Wang Shuang-Kuan, Lai Wu-Hsiung, Wu A-Sun, Chiang Shao-Ying, Chen Stone, Lin Wen-Chiang, Koo Chung-Kuang, Xi Mu-Rong, Chen Cheng-Hung, Lan Jung-Hsien, Wang Mei-Shing.


Li Chin-Hsien, Nami Yang, Chen Yang-Chun, Dai Bi-Yin, Shiu Kuen-Cheng, Tsai Huai-Shion, Shih Bing-Shyi, Lin Jen-Hsin, Michell Huang, Chen Tsu-Ming, Lin Shun-Shiung, Wu Yung-Chin, Yuan Jin-Ta, Vivian Tsao, Chiang Long-Fang, Syu Guo-Huang, Tsai Yung-Ming, Chen Hsing-Wan, Lee Lung-Chi, Liu Pai, Tseng Hsiao-Te, Li Jian-Yi, Wu Tso-Chang, Chan Chin-Shui, Chen Dung-Yuan, Weng Ching-Tu, Jeng Tsai-Tung, Jun T. Lai, Huang Jyi, Fong Shen-Guang, Mei Dean-E, Nien Su-Chen, Chen Fay Long, Hsieh Ming-Chang, Yang Yung-Fu, Yu Peng, Yen Ye-Cheng, Hsu Tz-Guei, Ava Hsueh, Yang En-Sheng, Jan Yang-Bing, Yeh Tzu-Chi, Cheng Dai-Le, Chang Chen-Yu, Bai Feng-Zhong, Chien Cheng-Hsiung, Wang Wei-Wei, Chen Hsiang-Yin, Lee Jen-Hao, John Cheng, Leland Lee, Chiang Chung-Shan, Dorothy Hamilton, Dai Chin-Chin, Ko Tsuei-Chyan, Jen Chu-Chang, Sun Ping-Hua, Chu Li-Chi, Zhao Xiu.


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