Microglial Cell Disconnection19622018
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Microglial Cell Disconnection19622018

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Microglial Cell Disconnection19622018
日曆圖案 2022/06/04 09:00 ~ 2022/07/24 18:00
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Artist Statement

Microglial Cell Disconnection19622018 is an interdisciplinary work that integrates medicine and new media art completed through a collaboration with the Department of Neurology at Chung Shan Medical University in Taichung. The “microglia” is the smallest cell of the cranial nerve and a key component of memory. Rooted in tracking the digital medical history of patients with Alzheimer’s disease, this project singles out a case coded “19622018,” featuring the memories of the individual born in 1962 whose memory was traced from 2018 to this day. The images of the works are based on MRI and EEG scans, and the research reveals that no matter how the cells and organs of the body operate, they perfectly align with the person’s physical behaviors and connections with the world. The gradual decline of the human body is an inevitability, echoed in Paul Virilio’s approach to tackling the “imperfections” of life with “imperfections.” This concept has become ever more relevant in our world which has endured the sudden plague of the coronavirus pandemic. Our bodies are independent entities with contradicting complexities and have both materialistic and spiritual needs. As the pandemic alters our values, we hope to explore new ways of interpreting “the value of life” through evidence-based medicine, computing technology, and new media technology art.


Cynthia, Yueh-Shiar Lin

Focusing on the cross-domain creation of medicine and new media art, Cynthia, Yueh-Shiar Lin is a doctorate student researching new media technology at the National Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts. Lin won the Nanying Award silver prize in new media in 2020 and was selected for the 2022 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Trans-Disciplinary Arts Creative Project. Lin’s solo and group exhibitions include those held in New York, the Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, and a recent solo exhibition at the Tainan Art Museum. Lin has also participated in residencies and exhibitions in Kyushu (Japan), Korea, Sasaran Art Museum (Malaysia), Hanoi (Vietnam), Yogyakarta (Indonesia), and Kashmir (India).