2019 International Docent Training Program
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2019 International Docent Training Program


國立臺灣博物館招募學生外語導覽員!歡迎大專院校對英語導覽、熱愛分享臺灣歷史與文化的學生報名參加! National Taiwan Museum is Recruiting International Docents! We are looking for students enthusiastic in sharing Taiwanese history and culture!



The NTM International Docent Training Program aims to invite students interested in Taiwanese culture and history and guided tours to be part of the docent team of National Taiwan Museum. In this Program, you will be able to understand the most iconic cultural heritages in downtown Taipei, and conect Taiwan's history with the scenery. It is a great chance for you to learn how architectures serve as an expression of ideology, and how the modern Taiwanese society was shaped by the major historic events, and how your personal experience and culture can be incorporated into your own guided tours. What's more, it's also a great chance for you to meet people from all over the world with the same passion and interest.

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1. 培訓課程 Training Program (Download PDF Here)

 Guided Tour Demonstration
 Walking Tour of Old Taipei
 Lecture before the Sleepover


(Japanese tour by Nana)

2. 服勤要求 Service Requirements


After passing the qualification, the international docents are required to fulfill the following tasks.

(1) 來館服勤滿15小時,可參與以下幾種導覽:
All students are required to achieve a minimum service hour of 15 hours of guided tours from the list below:

  • 週日下午英語定時導覽與觀眾訪問(13:30~16:00)
    Sunday regular tours in English and visitors' feedback study(13:30~16:00)

  • 週六下午多語定時導覽與觀眾訪問(下午時段)
    Saturday multilingual tours and visitors' feedback study(in the afternoon)

  • 每月一次的週六上午老臺北散步導覽(08:30~12:30)
    Monthly walking tour of old Taipei "Blast to the Past"(08:30~12:30)

(2) 參與導覽民眾的回饋問卷調查。
Collecting visitors' feedback on the guided tours via google forms and interviews.

(3) 課程心得一篇。
Feedback on the training program, 400 words in English or 500 words in Chinese.

(4) 期末服勤心得一篇。
A final report to conclude your service and museum experience, 600 words in English or 800 words in Chinese.

All students docents need to be qualified before giving guided tours by the first half of October, 2019.

3. 學員資格 Qualifications

  • 語言能力:英文口說流暢,非母語人士需提供語言能力測驗成績TOEFL iBT95分以上、IELTS6.5以上或全民英檢中高級通過。
    Fluent in English. Non-native speakers should provide English qualification results (TOEFL iBT 95 and above, IELTS overall 6.5 and above...)​

  • 學術興趣或專長:文資保存、歷史、語言、博物館學、自然科學。
    ​Academic interests or college major: heritage conservation, history, language and literature, museology and natural sicence.
  • 個人特質:具服務熱忱、禮儀,樂於分享,對國際交流有熱情。
    Personal characteristics: polite, passionate about customer service and sharing knowledge, enthusiastic about international activities.

  • 預計招收大專院校在學學生:45名。
    ​Recruitment: 45 graduate or undergraduate students.


4. 聯絡資訊 Contact Us

教育推廣組 方小姐

Education Department Ms. Phaedra Fang  (02)2382-2699#466

Email: hsfang@ntm.gov.tw


5. Registration Form <-- Download from the link



  • 服務學生須全程參與18小時完畢,逕給予服務學習時數證明。
  • 若無法到館服務,請於服務前3個工作天與推廣組方小姐聯絡。
  • 執勤期間請嚴守本館之規範,請勿有傷害博物館與學校形象之行為。
  • 臺灣大學學生可依據本館核發之「服務學習時數證明」抵免服務學習學分,但須在開學後前兩周內進行網路加選。





報名資訊 Registration: 

報名表如附件,填寫後檢附英語能力檢定證明電子檔,於9/22(日) 23:59前 e-mail 至 臺博館 教育推廣組方小姐hsfang@ntm.gov.tw


The registration form for the Program can be download here or from below.  Complete the form and send it to Ms. Phaedra Fang hsfang@ntm.gov.tw before Sep. 22, 23:59 (UTC+8).

After registration, a further information about your enrollment status will be sent via email.





附件下載名稱 附件下載說明
Registration Form-Docent Program-2018 Autumn Email the form to Ms. CHEN before Sep. 16