Restoration of Land Bank Exhibition Hall
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Restoration of Land Bank Exhibition Hall

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Tuesday-Sunday: 9:30 am-5 pm
日曆圖案 2019/11/05 09:30 ~ 2022/12/31 17:00
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Event Details

From the Kangyo Bank during the Japanese occupation, to the headquarters of the Land Bank, to a designated Taipei Municipal Heritage Site, this historic building has witnessed the development of financial institutions in Taiwan. The construction technique, style, and character of the building are an important part of Taiwanese architectural history.

The architectural restoration process has been recorded in detail, and part of the exhibition is dedicated to the display of architectural remnants and scenes of repair work. Through physical presentations, images, and interviews, this exhibition provides the public with an opportunity to see a cultural asset up-close and gain an understanding of the process and significance of heritage preservation.

Displays in this area focus on the architectural forms and features of the Land Bank Exhibition Hall, with an emphasis on construction technology and restoration craftsmanship. In particular, the process of repairing the ceiling of the main hall relied heavily on the experience of Japanese restoration experts, as well as many invaluable discussion and exchanges with local cement and concrete experts. The exhibition shows a detailed record of restoration techniques and experience that can be passed on to future generations, a milestone in the heritage restoration history of Taiwan.