The Secrets Behind Whale Skeleton
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The Secrets Behind Whale Skeleton

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Taiwan’s naturally gifted marine environment has provided home to two thirds of cetacean species of the world in the surrounding area. National Taiwan Museum and Taiwan Cetacean Society co-launched “The Secrets Behind Whale Skeleton”. Starting from the stories behind whale skeletons in the whaling era, viewers are invited to take a walk into Taiwan’s cetacean history. Secrets are being revealed by the remains of dolphins and whales, while Taiwan’s cetacean conservation issues concerning the evolution of conservation methods are further discussed. Also being presented are the more contemporary issues such as the relationship between the marine life and the society, ecological system, and environmental conservation. By means of tracing back to critical events of cetacean conservation in Taiwan, we explore the promotion of conservation and reflections on controversial topics. The exhibition is on display now in the east gallery on the first floor of the Main Branch until May 30th, 2021.