The incredible Israeli Discoveries exhibits in Taipei(Free admission)
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The incredible Israeli Discoveries exhibits in Taipei(Free admission)

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The incredible Israeli Discoveries exhibits in Taipei(Free admission)
日曆圖案 2020/11/13 09:00 ~ 2020/12/06 18:00
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The incredible Israeli Discoveries exhibits in Taipei

The Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology and Israel Economic and Cultural Office present an exhibition “Israeli Discoveries and Developments that Influenced the World “at 1 F Gallery of National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall from Nov.13 to Dec.7.  It highlights numerous Israeli discoveries and developments that have influenced the world in terms of medical breakthroughs, winners of Nobel Prize and other international prizes, humanitarian advancements, and environmental and technological discoveries.

The exhibit features about 44 discoveries and innovation that influence of the lives of millions of people worldwide from various branches of science: medicine, agriculture, environmental science, archeology, chemistry, social sciences, exact sciences, and more.

The well-known developments such as cherry tomatoes, USB flash drives, PillCam, Copaxone, a robot for back surgeries, the Mobileye system for preventing accidents, and Intel’s chips, all developed in Israel.  In the exhibition, it also mentions the development of Israel-Taiwan technical cooperation.

Before the declaration of the State of Israel, Albert Einstein and other Jewish scientists regarded the establishment of scientific institutes and research centers as an important national and economic priority. Many of the State of Israel’s achievements originate from the scientific infrastructure established then, as well as the scientific, technological and human potential which has evolved with the growth and development of the State.

“Israeli science is characterized by pioneering innovation” said by Omer Caspi, Israeli Representative, “these developments are the cornerstones of the scientific field completely improving the quality of life around the world. We believe that the exhibition helps the people of Taiwan get to know Israel in different aspects, and conveys the importance of science education to the development of the country.