An In-depth Exploration of Charcoal & Salt(Free Admission)
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An In-depth Exploration of Charcoal & Salt(Free Admission)

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日曆圖案 2022/03/25 09:00 ~ 2023/02/12 18:00

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History of Sculpture

Sculpture has been an integral part of human activities and takes the form of daily artifacts and religion items. As history evolves, sculpture has become an independent, artistic role. Modern sculpture further engages in a wide variety of interactions and dialogues with environment and spectators, having blurred the line between subject and object items. Major breakthroughs in terms of techniques and materials have been witnessed.

Charcoal Sculpting

Charcoal, the history of which can be traced back to some 45 thousand years ago, pertains to an advanced, aged technique. Charcoal can be classified into black charcoal and white charcoal based on the temperature in a kiln. Charcoal sculpture involves white charcoal, also known as Bincho Tan in Japanese, which typically undergoes a temperature of roughly 1,000 degrees. The hardness of it is closer that of steel. Due to its porosity, which makes it subject to cracking if carved directly, this type of sculpture takes its shape by putting the ground powder of charcoal into a shaping mold and going through a die casting process.

Salt Sculpting

The use of salt is analogous to the trajectory of civilization development of mankind. Salt has been associated with purity, loyalty and a symbol that expels the evilness in pursuit of happiness. When edible salt is applied to artistic creation, it is inevitable to cope with technical issues such as solubility and change of pigment. However, with modern innovative techniques, salt sculpture today can endure over 100 hours in water without solvation or turning yellow in high temperatures. It even comes with glow, which gives the works a glazy look.

Who we have worked with

We are proud to have partnered with Mr. Kuang Wei Luo and Lomy ART in the presentation of years of efforts by the artist and the technical team, having overcome all the material restrictions of charcoal and salt before portraying bedazzling sculptures made of these elements.

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